Submitting Work

I am hoping that much of the original content on this blog will come directly from readers.  This reader-submitted original content will hopefully inspire others to seek out productive ways to express themselves and begin a healing process, or, at the very least, help others affected by similar circumstances feel a little less lonely.

If you would like to submit work, here are a few simple guidelines and suggestions:

  • Artwork can come in any form: paintings, music, tattoos, film, sculpture, short stories, poetry, etc.
  • Email work to
  • Submitters’ privacy is important.  I will only use information provided by you.  If you would like to post anonymously, please make note of that in the email.  If you would like to be credited for your art, please provide the specific name you would like me to use when crediting you.
  • This a blog for productive expression–please do not submit anything driven purely by hate (art designed to promote racism, etc.).  We are here to help those affected by war, not inspire new ones.
  • The Beginning After Project exists as a creative space in which to express the effects of war, whether one is a veteran or service member, or a friend or family member of a veteran or service member.  While art is amazing in that it provides an outlet for everyone no matter what their experience, all submissions should be focused on contributing to this particular discussion.

Thank you for your contributions!


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