About The Project

The Beginning After Project is art-driven recovery, a platform to display artwork inspired by the traumas and tribulations of war.
Four years ago, when one of my best and oldest friends took his own life in Afghanistan, I was left devastated and stagnated in my grief.  It was the loneliest time of my life, and I felt unable to express my anguish and anxiety.  The Beginning After Project is a reason and a way to release grief, anger, sadness, confusion, and loss in a positive and productive manner.  It is a collection of stories put into one easily accessible place.

As a nation, we have been at war for more than half of my life–well over a decade. We salute our soldiers and support their bravery and the dedication of their families, but it is easy to unwittingly shrug it off if you don’t live with that pain every day.  But it does affect us–all of us.  Make the cost of war culturally relevant to those who may not fully understand.

If it helps even one person have a cathartic experience or do a little more healing from their own trauma, then it is a success.


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